I think I might like to visit your church.

Hello and Welcome to Such A Time As Thisl!  If what you have seen about our church and what we have to offer interest you, let us give a few more details that may cross your mind in visiting a new church.

Is there something for my entire family?  Absolutley! We have Sunday School,  Childrens church for 4 and under during Worship Service, and Youth Group.

Do I have to dress a certain way?    NO! Jesus didn't tell us to go buy new clothes or even wear certain kinds. What he told us is "to come as you are".

What is service like?      Service begins with Praise and Worship Music. Your typical announcements, prayer requests and offering is taken. After the worship, the Pastor brings the word.  An alter call is given and if you desire special prayer, someone is available to do that with you.

Are you going to ask me for money?   As a visitor in our church we would not expect you to give anything. Giving to God is between you and God. As a visitor we would want you to be focused on feeling the place out to see if we would be a fit for you and your family. 



Someone should greet you, offer you a visitor card and welcome you to the church.  

If you have any questions, at the end of service feel free to ask to speak to the Pastor and he will answer your questions to the best of his ability. We also have others in place that can do the same thing!