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It amazes me at times, just how fearless young children can be.  And as a parent of an "indestructable" 5 year old, it is sometimes very difficult to eliminate every obstacle that could cause him harm, that he has not learned to have any sense of caution toward yet.  A recent example, and lesson for us both, was a family beach trip.  As we slowly waded out into the ocean waves, water just a few inches deep, my son became excited as the "roly water" would splash him.  He wanted to rush out to the bigger waves, with little concern or knowledge of the waters depth.  As we worked our way further out, I had to struggle with him a little to keep ahold of his hand.  I knew that at any point, their could be a quick dropoff that he would not be prepared for, and his only focus was on the "roly water" and how fun it was.  I gave him a little freedom to play, but never let him go further than I could reach to grab him if a wave knocked him down.  I thought as we went back up toward the beach, that there was nothing that I would not have done in my power to keep him close to me.  

I realized that God does the very same thing with us as we walk out into the roly waters, oblivious to the dangers that are hidden by the fun waves.  When Caide would let go of my hand for just a moment, a wave would knock him over.  But I was there to catch him.  God does that for us.  When we shake loose of His grip, He remains right with us to catch us when the waves take us under.  He did for Peter.  He was close enough to Peter that when he began to sink, the Word says: "Immediately Jesus stretched forth His hand and caught him".  We need to be fearless in serving God.  Caide did not fear the roly water as long as I was close to him.  And we do not have to fear the roly waters in our lives, because Jesus is within an outstretched hand.  They were for Peter, they were on the cross, and they still are today.   

Be blessed.