Who are you?  I mean, how do you see yourself?  How do other people see you?  It is so easy to look at a situation in someones life, and attach that label to them.  When something becomes so routine in your life, it often becomes the very thing that people relate you to.  What may start out as a temporary condition, often becomes the only thing that people see, and it becomes a permenant label on you.  

Rahab is still referenced today as Rahab the harlot, or (prostitute).  Even though her actions Jericho saved the lives of the two spies, and ultimately saved her entire family, she couldn't shake the label.  Even though she is listed in Matthew as part of the lineage of Jesus Christ, she still couldn't shake the label.

Do not allow your issue to become your identity.  You are a child of God.  A mighty warrior.  You are royalty.  Jesus defined your worth on the cross at calvary. 

Be a blessing to someone today.  Kindness is contagious.